School Structure

Buddie Salsa work on a curriculum that is accessible enough to everyone.

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or you feel you have the stereotypical "two left feet", this 48 week course will take ANYONE to a highly competent level where you can attend any social with confidence and feel you can dance with anyone. Even the most experienced dancer will be dazzled with your skills when you have finished!

Beginners (8 weeks)

Through these 8 weeks, you will develop the foundations of Cuban salsa. You will learn the basic steps, how the leader and follower communicate to each other and basic combos to get you dancing at socials.

Entry level: - No experience required
Progression: - Improvers/Social Dancing

Improvers (24 weeks - over 3x8 week modules)

In Improvers, we take the foundations youve learned and expand your repertoire. We finesse those fundamentals you learned in beginners and add new movements, embellishments and the world of the rueda.

We run three different modules.

  • Improvers I covers single hand turns, musicality and free dancing. Focusing more on the dance and the interaction with your partner.

  • Improvers II introduces double hand turn variations to everything learned in beginners and works on timing, technical accuracy and combinations

  • Improvers Rueda introduces the element of circle dancing (similar to a ceilidh) where partners are interchanged. Improvers also learn rueda based moves which can be integrated into their repertoire to spice things up!

Requirements: - Completion of beginners or 15 hours experience at another school
Progression: - Intermediate

If you are not already in the school but feel you could manage this level, contact us on the details below to have a chat with an instructor

Intermediate (16 weeks - over 2x8 week modules)

After 8-10 months of tuition, you are ready to bring this all together and move onto the next level of being a dancer. We will work on advanced moves and connections, work on animations to improve your movement and bring you to the point where you have all the tools to dance with anyone and dazzle them!

Requirements: - Completion of all three Improvers modules. Regular social dancing. (New starts to the school need to be appraised by an instructor)
Progression: - Advanced classes, rueda groups, "paso" labs and animation classes

Currently we are only running courses up to Improver level as we are a young school. Estimated start of Intermediate is Term 5, 2024 (September 2024)

The future.....

Once a sufficent number of people have reached this level, we will start to run specific advanced clubs, rueda groups, "paso" labs and animation classes to continually adapt, refine and evolve your dance skill and repertoire.